Value adding strategy and implementation

Indepen is a consulting firm that specialises in the complex dependencies and relationships between the natural and built infrastructure and their role in supporting sustainable economic growth.

We work with policy makers, regulators, investors, company boards and senior management to address the relationship between energy, water, transport, construction, communication and investment. In an era of rapid change in policy, regulation and competitive market dynamics, we help our clients develop strategies and tailored delivery programmes that enable risk to be managed successfully.

Market reform and infrastructure development is often defined by a complex matrix of stakeholder relationships. We help our clients develop engagement and communication strategies that build confidence amongst diverse and sometimes conflicting stakeholder groups.

Our team brings together deep expertise in public policy, economic regulation, financial and behavioural modelling, stakeholder management and communications, market design and operation and programme design and delivery.

The Indepen Forum

The Indepen Forum forum provides opportunities for investors, government and business leaders to debate and progress topical and often controversial issues under the Chatham House Rule and to explore perspectives and issues that if missed can undermine well-intentioned public policy initiatives.

The Forum has two strands of activity – monthly Forum debates and smaller roundtable events.

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