The Indepen Forum

We set up the Forum in 1996 in response to concerns expressed by CEO clients that policy developments were often not well informed by relevant investment and industry considerations and that this often resulted in unintended and value destroying consequences. Unsurprisingly there were those in government and regulators who agreed with this view.

We concluded that there was a need for a way of bringing together the relevant parties to discuss topics which they felt needed airing but some of which were not on the radar. Over the years the Forum has developed and now brings together senior, influential individuals from all parts of the infrastructure sector: service providers, investors, contractors, policy makers, regulators and advisors. Ensuring that policy decisions pay due regard to how they will be implemented will reduce the likelihood of unintended consequences and minimise political and regulatory risk.

The Forum has two strands of activity – monthly Forum debates and smaller roundtable events.

The monthly Forum debate

At the beginning of each year we publish a programme of events covering interesting and often controversial topics, building on suggestions from our sponsors, government and regulators.

We approach a chair and two or three speakers whom we know to be expert, informed and articulate about the topic. We then invite participants who have an interest in the issues and have relevant experience. We encourage out of the box thinking and constructive challenge to accepted wisdom and the discussions are held under the Chatham House Rule.

An informal drinks reception follows for networking and wider conversation.

The Forum is supported by a group of sponsor companies from the infrastructure sector. If you are interested in sponsoring the Indepen Forum, or have ideas on what topics it should cover in the future, please contact Ann Bishop.

Forthcoming Forum Meetings 2017

Roundtable discussions

In parallel with the monthly debates participants and sponsors ask for smaller roundtable discussions, often over dinner, to focus on an issue on which they want a wider perspective. Sometimes the topics emerge from the monthly debates.

We manage the invitation and preparation process so that well-informed and candid debate can occur, usually with groups involving no more than a dozen people. Our roundtable programme for 2016 is outlined below.

Roundtable discussions held in 2017

January 2017
Roundtable on ethical business regulation

In January, Indepen facilitated a roundtable for the Scottish Government on the application of ethical business regulation to the utility networks in Scotland. The roundtable was hosted by the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure Investment and Cities and attended by policy makers, regulators, executives in regulated businesses and stakeholders.

Read the briefing paper for the roundtable
Briefing paper for roundtable on January 17th 2017.

Further roundtable discussions planned for 2017

Notes from the Forum meetings